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Detector Hipstick 2.0

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For any metal detector

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The Detector HipStick is a device intended to reduce shoulder, arm and back fatigue when using any metal detector. It’s designed to work right or left handed with any metal detecting field pack that uses a bungee support system. HipStick works by transferring the load from your arm and shoulder to the hip; much the same way a frame backpack allows the hips to shoulder the load. The micro bungee is used to retain the ball in the socket and hold the wand when not in use. Allows the use of larger diameter coils with less fatigue, which means you’ll be able to detect longer.

The HipStick comes in four sizes starting with the smallest 16″ and increasing in two inch increments. The best way to check your size is to measure from top of your belt line to top of your shoulder. This will be your torso length, and from that number subtract 2″.

Small –      16 inches
Medium – 18 inches
Large –      20 inches
X-Large –  22 inches

** Note – Detector Hipstick does not include a bundle as shown in picture.  The Doc’s Qweegee Bungee is recommended with the use of the Hipstick.

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4 reviews for Detector Hipstick 2.0

  1. commercialproperties4u (verified owner)

    The Hipstick does just what its advertised to do and I am very happy using it to hunt gold. I am 6’4” and use a Garrett ATX in conjunction with the Oweegee Bungee and Swing Arm which on their own, helped but the Hipstick brought it all together to lighten the load,feel like zero gravity and control the swing. My only wish would be, an adjustable length Hipstick to really individualize it to your body dimension.
    I called Rob hoping to get the Hipstik within a few days for my next outing and he made sure that in fact my order was promptly handled and delivered on time, thanks Rob.

  2. Rob

    I sell a new Bungee Cord that is also great for the Hipstick 2.0. You can see it linked to the bottom of the Hipstick 2.0 product.

  3. garikfox (verified owner)

    This Hipstick 2.0 is really cool! Other products would interfere with my sidearm holster. This doesn’t. I’m happy!

  4. Tony Tester

    Here is my review just right here #8

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