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History – Building the World’s Best Detectors Since 1950

During the uranium scares of 1950, many people were interested in searching for radioactive elements. Kenneth and Olive White were among these pioneering explorers, starting a long history of adventure and discovery.

However, the only Geiger counters available at that time used headphones, and White quickly learned that headphones created problems in rattlesnake country. This led him to design a better product: his own Geiger counter that soon proved popular with other hunters.

In 1958, the U.S. government announced it would no longer purchase uranium — quelling the demand for Geiger counters — so White changed his focus to making metal detectors. Orders and requests for information poured in and marked the beginning of the White’s we know, as well as the beginning of the modern metal detector industry.

A Family Legacy Continues

Sixty years later, White’s Electronics continues to build metal detectors in Sweet Home, Oregon, under the direction of our founder’s son, Kenneth R. White, and his wife, Mary.

Ken continues his father’s legacy of creating top-of-the-line metal detectors, with the same philosophy that was so successful over 60 years ago:

Give the customers quality and value, and treat your employees like family.

Our company is proud of its top-notch engineering, research, and development staff. White’s Electronics owns several patents as proof of its dedication to innovation and the skills of its personnel.

White’s Premium gold, coin/relic and underwater metal detectors.  VLF and Pulse Induction technology.

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