Checkout my video of the first gold nugget I found with the brand new Minelab SDC gold nugget detector!


Video Transcript:

Yeah, this is Rob with Rob’s Detector Sales, and this is my first day out with the new Minelab SDC 2300, and like I said I had a couple of places in mind, where I wanted to specifically take this new pulse induction gold detector, and within not even 15 or 20 minutes of the initial hunt I was able to score this little tiny nugget. Now the nugget was laying right there down in that particular area on the bedrock (motioning), and I ended up pushing the thing around for quite some time before I was able to pinpoint it…but you can actually see the nugget, it’s right there (zooming in on gold nugget), it’s really small, I’d say it’s probably one grain – one and a half grain, it’s really small, and I’ve got the external speaker on right now, I’m just going to give you an idea…I’m just in the factory setting (screaming tones as waved over nugget)…extremely sensitive to that little tiny nugget, I mean, I’m really impressed by the sensitivity. Now let me take that back, I’m actually on “3”, which is just one setting over factory, which is “2” (showing SDC control dial), so…I’m in “3”, and I’m running just the external speaker right now, but it gives you an idea (more loud tones), that little nugget just screams. And like I said, I pushed it around a while. I thought it was a little piece of trash.

So the first little gold nugget right there with the new Minelab SDC 2300! This is a waterproof, collapsible, pulse induction gold detector. Comes with an eight-inch mono (search coil). So far I’m really impressed with this detector, like I said, it’s only about 20 minutes in on this first hunt, and I’ve already got a little nugget, so I’m pretty excited! Going to pick some more out of here…I’ll keep you updated!

Minelab seemed to do it again with this new machine. I’ve got a lot of places I want to pack into, and do a lot of prospecting, so I’m going to be real impressed to see what happens with this new detector. I’ll keep you updated, like I said, this is Rob with Rob’s Detectors, we’re out of Surprise, Arizona, you can catch us online at Thank you!

Video date: June 27, 2014