This is part III of a video series on gold nugget hunting in Moore Creek, Alaska. The tailing piles there have been very productive gold nugget hunters, as the historical dragline mining operations in the area didn’t have nugget collectors. Consequently, many many coarse nuggets have been found in these tailings in recent years, as talked about in the video.



Video Transcript:

Rob Allison: “Here at Moore Creek, at one of the push sites, and you can see the old tailing piles–they took a bulldozer and dozed this area down. This area used to be called “Five Ounce Flat”…obviously there was a five ounze nugget found here. I would probably guess there’s been well over a pound of gold found here originally. The second week, which is our week, I picked up a one-ouncer, straight out there in the flat…it was a 1.1 ouncer. There was probably another half a dozen other nuggets found just in this area, and it’s already been worked by the prior week. [Panning camera] …kinda see the dozed area…quads, up here at Moore Creek, they do have quads you can drive around in rather than walking all the way down to the tailing piles, you can actually drive right to them, which is really nice. [Panning camera to Dennis] Dennis…how much gold did you find this year, Dennis?”

Dennis: “Little over three.”

Rob: “Three ounces?”

Dennis: “Yeah.”

Rob: “You got, what, two…two pieces over an ounce this year?”

Dennis: “One just under an ounce, and one just over an ounce.”

Rob: [Panning to distance] “See out in the distance, another guy, believe his name is Misha, he’s from a different country…come all the way to Alaska to do some gold detecting up here at Moore Creek.”

Rob: “Anybody interested in Moore Creek or information on Moore Creek can visit the website, it’s Great area to find some good gold. Lot of one-ounce plus nuggets have been found this year. This week…over twenty-plus ounces have been found this week, and like I said this is the third year, so there’s definitely still a lot of gold being found. And you can see in the distance there, some of the tailings piles back in the trees…those are the spots a lot of guys don’t like getting back into, there’s still a lot of virgin piles that probably have some good potential. Talk to you later!”