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Doc’s Nugget Stalker™ SAGA™ Swing Assist Guide Arm


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Doc’s Nugget Stalker Brand™ “SAGA™”  Swing Assist Guide Arm

This arm far surpasses anything currently on the market in design, functionality and durability.  It will fit any metal detector that is out there, regardless if the lower or upper shaft is round or square.

Look at these features:

• Fits any detector
• Supplied with 35 inch rod, trim to suit you
• Swivel Pivot joint, allowing you to move the arm in almost any direction without breaking the attachment point.
• Sure strap attachment system gives you a solid fit on any shaped rod
• Storage clip to store the SAGA arm when you are only swinging with one arm
• Easy removal of the fiber glass rod with a push of a button to allow you to leave the rod in your vehicle if it is not needed.
• Ergonomic Egg shaped grip for swinging comfort


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