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Gold Atlas of Rich Hill, Arizona


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Gold Atlas of Rich Hill, Arizona – Book

The Rich Hill area, also known as the Weaver II Mining District has produced at least 100,000 ounces of placer gold and 80,000 ounces of lode gold.  Placer and Lode mining has occurred continuously at Rich Hill for almost 150 years.  Yet many questions remain about t he origin of this gold.

Did you know that placer gold from Antelope Creek is usually more silver-rich than placer gold from Weaver Creek?  This book will contain information to explain all this and where the origin of most of the gold came from.

Historical photographs from around the district, old mining camps, ghost town maps, and a large fold-out reference map will assist the reader with understanding the past and present of what is arguably called Arizona’s most amazing gold district.

  • Over 70 full color photos of gold nuggets, including many multi-ounce nuggets
  • Full color fold-out map of placer areas
  • Historical pictures and ghost-town map
  • Geochemical analyses of gold, including purity of nuggets

Table of Contents:

  • Acknowledgements
  • Preface
  • Chapter 1 Introduction, Geology, and Gold Production Estimates
  • Chapter 2 Methods Used in this Study
  • Chapter 3 Placer Gold of the Octave Area, including Yucca Gulch
  • Chapter 4 Lode Gold of the Octave Vein
  • Chapter 5 Placer Gold of Weaver Creek Drainage, Jap Gulch & Oro Fino Gulch
  • Chapter 6 Lode Gold of the Johnson and Meyers Veins
  • Chapter 7 Placer Gold of the Devils Nest Area
  • Chapter 8 Placer Gold of Antelope Creek and Slaughterhouse Gulch, and Lode Gold of the Mountainside Mine Group
  • Chapter 9 Placer Gold of the Potato Patch
  • Chapter 10 Interpretation and District-Wide Comparison of Placer Gold
  • Club References
  • Author Biography

A comprehensive guide to the character and distribution of placer and lode gold from the Weaver II Mining District
by Dr. Erik Melchiorre

UPC:  9780981763118

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