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Among the best known desert placer deposits in Arizona are four that surround the town of Quartzsite. Middle Camp, Oro Fino, Plomosa and La Cholla placers are all mapped in high resolution detail on our Quartzsite FootPrint.

Primarily a placer mining district, the placers of the Plomosa district have produced 20,000 recorded ounces of gold. Lode mines have produced an additional 5,000 ounces along with significant amounts of lead and copper

Each winter, thousands of prospectors spread out across the desert in search of the beautiful high gold content Quartzsite nuggets. Many are successful and return again each year for the hunt.

This FootPrint maps the geology of the Plomosa Mountains at a scale 1:24,000, clearly identifying numerous mineralized belts and gravels where gold is likely to be found. Extensive fault mapping identifies contact zones and hidden fault lines that can be used to seek out areas where gold may be concentrated.The Historical Placer layer clearly marks the location of the rich placers of this area that have been producing gold for 160 years.Complete USGS Geologic Reports and maps are included with the FootPrint for extended research.

Mining Claims
A popular area for winter prospecting, there are over 700 mining claims in the six townships we have mapped around Quartzsite.FootPrints is the only available product that maps the location of these numerous claims to their actual boundaries.With over 130,000 acres of public land available, there is still plenty of land to prospect and claim.

Camping & Roads

The area surrounding Quartzsite is best accessed by 4-wheel drive vehicles and ATVs. Using aerial imagery, we have identified and mapped numerous roads and trails that will help you to get onto the lesser traveled gold trails in the area.

Camping is plentiful in the area, but regulated. Our map shows the boundaries of all designated BLM campsites in the area including the popular La Posa Long Term Visitors Area.


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