The following Minelab GPX-4500 video was originally posted to my YouTube channel on 06/01/2008. Check out Part 1 here.

Video Transcript:

Ok, you can kind of see the hole now…I’m actually down to bedrock. I dug down a few more inches, and it was a gold nugget!…not as big as I expected. But then again, these…any of the GP Series, anything from about the 3500 all the way up to the 4500 are just amazing on small nuggets at depth. This is the nugget I found…I’m going to say it’s about a penny weight. Nothing phenomenal, but a nice find. Like I said, it’s definitely been overlooked. I’d definitely say with the 4500 and the 18.5″ coil is the reason I found it [where] other guys missed it before. I’ll continue on up here, hopefully to find some more. I don’t know if it pays for gas, but it’s sure fun to find them! Talk to you later!