The following GPX-4500 video was originally posted to my YouTube channel on 06/01/2008. Be sure and catch the conclusion to this episode of gold nugget hunting with a metal detector in Part 2 here.


Video Transcript: 

I’m up in a small placer area where other guys have been working. This area’s been placered pretty good. I’m working up here with the GPX 4500, and one of the new Coiltek 18.5″ elliptical Gold Stalker coils. Got a target about down a foot. At the surface it was just a whisper, almost walked away from it…scratched a few inches, and continued to dig down. It’s gotten louder, it may be a piece of trash…obviously I’m hoping it’s a nugget. I can kind of stick the coil down in there and… (detector whistling) it’s kind of hard to hear because I don’t have an external speaker, but I’ve got the headphones around my neck…there’s definitely a good target down there. I’m going to continue to dig it up and get back with you. Wish me luck!