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Detector Protector Hat – SPF 50

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Soft lightweight t-shirt material with SPF 50. Protect your skin and neck from skin cancer. These fantastic hats will not interfere with headphones; as a matter of fact they keep your ears cooler and dryer because they wick away moisture. Colors may differ, but all are light colored. One size fits all.

Detector Protector Hat –
SPF 50 to protect your skin from the sun

This hat may look funny but you will never wear anything else to detect with!  One size fits all, fully adjustable.
Detector Protector Hat does not interfere with headphones.  Soft clothe material wicks away moisture, keeping your ears cool and dry under hot headphones.

Wearing your headphones over the material does not interfere with the sound at all.  But what it does do is it wicks the moisture away from your ears.  The cloth, covering your ears, directs the moisture out of the headphone cup.  It seeps under the headphone cup to the exterior where it evaporates.  This actually helps keep your ears dry and comfortable.
The Detector Protector hat also has numerous Velcro® type tabs stitched at strategic locations so you can close the neck protector portion around the front of your neck, place part of it over your nose and mouth.  Or you can tab it in the back on those over cast days where you don’t need so much protection.  Or gather it in the back and pull it through the elastic loop in the back to get it completely off of your neck.
Obviously this  “DP” hat was not designed to make a fashion statement.  But it will protect you from the sun and allow you to detect in more comfort than you have ever experienced with any other hat.

I personally love the Detector Protector Hat for summer months and soak the hat in cold water, which will keep your neck and head cool for several hours along with protection from the sun.  Worth every penny if you’re serious about skin protection and hunting during the hotter months of the year.

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  1. [email protected]

    love this hat. I have been using this for a couple of year now and it still functions perfectly after numerous washes. not only does it help with the sun, but also help keep dust off your neck and ears when dry washing. it has a permanent place in my prospecting arsenal.

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