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Doc’s Deep Pocket Treasure Pouch

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With Mesh Panel

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Here is the newest, larger pouch with mess on the bottom that can be used for coin, relic, treasure and gold nugget hunters. The pouch is very lightweight and can hold a plastic treasure scoop, pinpointer, digging knife or whatever you choose to place in it.  It’s also great for packing out your recovered targets.  This pouch has 2 1/2 inch web loops that will attach to any standard belt.

For nugget hunting I like it for my plastic nugget scoop and a place to toss my trash once I dig it up.  I really like this new pouch as I can clean off my super magnet, toss all the iron rubbish and trash into the pouch and all the magnetic black sand will fall through the bottom.

Overall the pouch is 14.5 inches, the pouch depth is 12-inches and 7-inches wide.

Your price – $15.95 each.  Comes in just one color.

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1 review for Doc’s Deep Pocket Treasure Pouch

  1. [email protected]

    wouldn’t go detecting without it. Scoop slides in one handed and without looking. mesh bottom lets the dirt shake out. Well made product and has held up to a couple years of use so far.

    I usually carry my scoop and a few small crevice tools in this pouch. I end up coming back with lots of bullets, nails and misc trash by the end of day. Helping clean the land as I see it.

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