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What’s so Mysterious about Meteorites?


O. Richard & Dorothy Norton

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What’s so Mysterious about Meteorites? by O. Richard Norton & Dorothy S. Norton

What’s So Mysterious About Meteorites? runs exactly 100 pages, is 8 3/8 x 9 inches and, with its lively, colorful cover, is clearly aimed at younger & adult readers. What’s So Mysterious About Meteorites? is packed with pictures of meteorites in the lab, in studio settings, under the microscope and in the field.

“O. Richard Norton passed away before he completed work on What’s So Mysterious About Meteorites?, a book that meant a lot to him. He had always wanted to provide a basic introduction to his beloved meteorites that could be read by young adults and anyone else interested in the subject of rocks that fall from the sky. While finishing it, I could hear his voice in my mind, explaining some detail about meteorites to students or to the many people who showed up at our door with boxes of rocks. He was a wonderful teacher, a great husband, and a generous friend to all who studied and searched for these curious rocks.”  By his wife Dorothy Norton

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