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Doc’s Ferrite Ring with Plastic Lanyard and Plastic Snap for Minelab GPZ 7000


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You are purchasing an after-market Ferrite Ring with plastic lanyard and plastic clip.

CAUTION!!!  Ferrite rings, and ferrite in general, are very brittle.  Accordingly when you are using your ring, lie it on the ground.  DO NOT throw it down.  IT WILL BREAK!  We do not warranty these rings against breakage as we have no way of monitoring if they are abused.

MAJOR COMPLAINT:  Everyone likes how much better their machine balances when they use a Ferrite Ring.  However, the major complaint is there is no way to keep the ring conveniently located so you can use it when you want to balance your detector.  Put it in your pocket and it finds it’s way to the very bottom of your pocket and it is hard to retrieve.  Put it in your trash pouch and the trash may break it, or it may fall out and you will lose it.

Doc has solved this problem by providing this Ferrite ring with a non-metallic plastic luggage tag type lanyard, and a non-metallic clip.  So you can keep your Ferrite ring nice and handy by clipping it to your belt loop, then slip it into the top of your pocket.  The plastic snap is easy on and easy off.  Detach it from your belt loop, lie the ferrite ring along with the loop and the clip down on the ground and balance your detector.  Do not throw it down. It will break.

This high quality Ferrite ring is 1 3/8ths in. diameter, the hole is 3/4 in. diameter.  The height is 7/16th in. and the thickness of the ring is 5/16ths in.  All measurements are approx.

Doc’s after market Ferrite Ring is made to be used with The Minelab GPZ7000 and other pulse induction machines to help perfectly balance your metal detector.

Each ring will be carefully shipped wrapped in bubble wrap for protection.  You are purchasing 1 Ferrite Ring with plastic loop and plastic snap.


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