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Doc’s Gold Screamer Signal Enhancer for Minelab Pulse Induction

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For Minelab SD, GP or GPX series

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DOC’s BRAND NEW Gold Screamer and Treasure Screamer SIGNAL AMPS for PROFESSIONAL Prospectors.  WHY are these the best amps avaliable?
We took the same Aussie technology, and eliminated the one and only thing that was a downfall; this was the ON/OFF switch.  There is no need for an ON/OFF switch, it gets dirt in it and causes it to short out.  We eliminated the ON/OFF switch and had DOC’s amp manufactured to my rough solid tough specifications.

How the Gold Screamer Helps you find MORE GOLD – Not just an amplifier it is truly a GOLD Target Sound AMPLIFIER.

PROPER ADJUSTMENT:  The thing you have to do with the Gold Screamer is to take a test nugget and place it on the ground, swing over it and adjust the volume of the Gold Screamer up, and now turn the threshold down, swing over again and turn the GS up, threshold down.  Keep doing this until you get a sense of the best setting.  What you are trying to do is to separate the threshold from the target sound as far as you can, so what you are looking for is a nice quiet threshold, but when you come across a small target it really jumps out from the quiet threshold.  You are trying to move the threshold far to the left, to the quiet side, and the signal far to the right to the loud side.

It is so easy to do and make the gold, even the little stuff, just pop out from the threshold.

Available in two models:

  • For the Minelab SD & GP series (4-pin)
  • For the Minelab GPX series, GPX 4000, GPX 4500, GPX 4800 and GPX 5000 (Not used on GPX 6000)

Please specify in the drop down box when ordering what model you need, the 4 or 5 pin.



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1 review for Doc’s Gold Screamer Signal Enhancer for Minelab Pulse Induction

  1. bkowalski83

    Must have for the 5000 it enhances the signal so well!

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