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Doc’s Treasure Screamer Signal Enhancer


For all Metal Detectors

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Doc’s Treasure Screamer Signal Enhancer for all Metal Detectors.  This new Treasure Screamer Signal Enhancer was designed to make all targets detected louder on your metal detector.  The unit runs on a 9v alkaline battery.  When the unit is plugged into your metal detector, you can turn it ON/OFF by using the ON/OFF switch to compare targets with and without the signal enhancer.  There is also a volume control that allows the user to turn the volume up to whatever level is best for them.  The use of this Treasure Screamer Signal Enhancer will allow you to find deeper targets that are very difficult to hear.  This unit is also great for anyone with some type of hearing lose.  The unit plugs into your metal detector’s 1/4 headphone jack, then you plug your headphones into this unit.  The unit can be mounted on the side of your metal detector with the 2-sided Velcro that comes included with the unit. 

The Treasure Screamer has a one year manufacture warranty from date of purchase.  Please read the information sheet that comes with the unit for all warranty information.  

It’s recommended to remove the battery if you’re not going to use Signal Enhancer for some time.  


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