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Hard Knee Pads for Metal Detecting

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Amazingly comfortable and durable knee pads.

• Hard plastic and jointed for comfort, you’ll never know you are wearing knee pads
• Foam lining for extra comfort.
• These knee pads are the only ones I have ever had that do not slip down.
• Double straps in back are positioned so they do not pinch the back of your leg.

Biggest Plus!  The upper part of the plastic of the knee pad, actually blocks dirt.  I don’t know about you, but when I am kneeling and digging a hole for a nugget the dirt has a tendency to go up and over other knee pads and end up inside the knee pad.  Then I have dirt and little rocks between my knee and the foam padding.  Next time I kneel I am kneeling on gravel inside the knee pad.

Another BIG PLUS, these hard plastic knee pads protect your knees should you take a fall.  No more picking cactus needles out of your knee pads, these babies are immune.

When prospectors are more comfortable, they find more gold!

1 review for Hard Knee Pads for Metal Detecting

  1. Enrique Aguilar (verified owner)

    I always wanted a good pair of knee pads, price don’t matter when I want confort, but this pair got the all the expectations than I was looking for super comfortable I was doing some tile work at home than require a lot of knee bending and imaging than I was on my knees all day long and when I finish not even sore knees, imaging how comfortable are this for metal detecting? Plus Rob’s service is number one, you are top notch keep up the hard work man.

    • Rob Allison

      Yes, they are great knee pads, highly recommended. Thanks for the comment my friend.

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