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Minelab GPZ 7000 Metal Detector & 19″ Searchcoil

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Minelab GPZ 7000 Metal Detector + 19″ GPZ SEARCHCOIL – Future of Gold Detection!

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$10,499.00  MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) Free UPS Ground Shipping, Insurance and Training is included with purchase.

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  • Minelab 19″ Searchcoil
  • Doc’s 22″ Prospecting Pick
  • Doc’s Detecting “Scoop Pouch”
  • Plastic Nugget Recovery Scoop (choose your color – Green, Yellow, Red or Black)
  • Doc’s Goldscreamer Padded Heavy Duty Green 4-piece Control Box Cover, Screen Cover & Wireless Remote Cover
  • White Replacement 14×13 Searchcoil Cover – Skidplate
  • Soft, Padded Metal Detector Carry Bag
  • Minelab Baseball Cap
  • Minelab Gray Digging Gloves, one size fits all
  • Shipping, Handling & Full Insurance value on package shipped to the US ONLY, No International Shipping)
  • Full Day of Arizona Field Instructions/Training with the purchase
  • Lifetime Support – Email, Phone, Text and Forum support beyond the sale

** Active or Retired Military can receive a 15% Discount on this unit.  Must provide a copy of a DD 214, Military ID or VA Card. 

Minelab are delighted to announce the most eagerly anticipated GOLD detector, the industry leading GPZ 7000. The GPZ 7000 represents the future of Gold detection! The product is currently in the process of a phased release plan across Gold Mining markets. The GPZ 7000 takes GOLD detection technology to a whole new level with market leading performance and new technological innovations from Minelab – the company that knows GOLD!

A quantum leap in gold performance with breakthrough new technology from Bruce Candy.

ZVT technology goes to the NEXT LEVEL for all serious gold prospectors, providing substantially improved depth. No longer will you be limited to using either sine wave continuous VLF transmission detectors, that struggle in mineralised ground, or square wave PI transmission detectors, that can be insensitive to varying gold sizes and compositions.

“This revolutionary new ZVT technology far surpasses GPX detectors for detecting deep large nuggets AND finding gold at any depth. The GPZ 7000 will open up the gold fields again.”
Bruce Candy, GPZ Inventor
With extreme depth and maximum sensitivity, the GPZ 7000 outperforms both the SDC 2300 and the GPX 5000.

ZVT (Zero Voltage Transmission) creates ultra‑constant high-power opposite polarity magnetic fields, increasing gold sensitivity. This innovative technology detects gold nuggets at extreme depths.

Super‑D The Super‑D smart coil consists of a central transmit winding and two outer receive windings. This configuration greatly decreases interference from magnetic soils, reducing ground noise.

GPSi uses a u‑blox GPS engine to integrate location and time data with detector settings. This creates WayPoint, FindPoint and GeoHunt files to use with XChange 2.

Wi‑Stream uses low-power digital audio transmission to achieve no perceivable audio time lag (<10 ms). This provides reliability and maximum sound quality.

Features of the new Minelab GPZ 7000 Metal Detector –

Extreme Gold Depth
So how deep can you go? Well, up to 40%* deeper than the GPX series. Old gold fields are new again, thanks to the revolutionary new ZVT technology. Minelab takes you much deeper than ever before!
Maximum Gold Sensitivity
The incredible sensitivity of the GPZ 7000 with the Super‑D coil gives you the ultimate advantage in the field. Find gold others have missed, from sub-gram gold through to those elusive ‘retirement nuggets’ still out there.
Precision Ground Balance
Most gold is buried in the mineralised ‘difficult’ ground that many detectors can’t cope with. The GPZ 7000 accurately ‘balances’ and automatically ‘tracks’ to even the most severe ground conditions, with ease.
Enhanced Noise Immunity
The outstanding noise immunity of the GPZ 7000 enables very smooth and quiet detecting. With 256 Noise Cancel channels, the GPZ 7000 picks up less atmospheric noise. Listen to the gold, not the noise interference!
Simple Menu System
The easy-to-use Menu Pages group similar functions together under Detect and Map sections, with all settings quickly accessible. Use the Guide Sequences to get started. You don’t need to be an expert to find gold!
Wireless Audio Freedom
Detect without your headphones attached to the detector. With the WM 12 Wireless Module you have the choice of using the in-built speaker, the supplied headphones, or your favourite headphones.
GPS Locating & PC Mapping
See your location and log gold finds as you detect. With the built-in GPS you’ll efficiently cover more ground and won’t miss a nugget! Record your favourite ‘hot-spots’ by saving data to XChange 2 with Google Maps.
Waterproof Coil to 1 m (3 ft)‡
The GPZ 14 coil is waterproof and submersible to a depth of 1 m (3 ft). You can easily detect rivers and shorelines with no fuss! The weatherproof design of the GPZ 7000 allows you to go detecting in rainy or wet conditions.
Current Field Reports on the Minelab GPZ 7000 from Australia and the US –
“I revisited an old rich patch today where previously I couldn’t work the ground because of noise and instability. With the GPZ 7000 the difference was staggering. The gold started to come in nice and steady with a haul of 30 grams at the end of the session. The biggest nugget weighed in at 12 grams and was 17 inches deep.”
“I managed to find some decent gold at depth, including a 2 ½ ounce nugget at over 2 ½ feet. A GPX 5000 with a 20-inch Monoloop couldn’t even touch it.”
Jonathan Porter, Australia
“I was finding gold right and left as if this location had never seen a detector before.”
“I was having a ‘Eureka Moment’, the whole experience was mind blowing. The GPZ 7000 was working some serious electronic magic. I have not found that many large chunks of gold that fast in very many years–1.6 ounces of gold in less than three hours! The GPZ was able to detect fine specimen gold at depths far exceeding what one of the best hot VLF detectors could attain in this soil.”
“The GPZ 7000 is taking gold detecting to the NEXT LEVEL, and I am very fortunate to be one of the first people to see its power first hand. My goal for the upcoming year is to spend as much time as possible using this detector in known gold locations.”
Steve Herschbach, USA

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2 reviews for Minelab GPZ 7000 Metal Detector & 19″ Searchcoil

  1. [email protected]

    So, I just used the GPZ 7000 for the first time this weekend. It was not my unit, but I borrowed it from my friend, he bought it from you… But… HOLY COW. He found his first 2 nuggets with it in our patch, my dad found his biggest 2.83 gram nugget and I found MY FIRST GPZ Nugget with it. This machine is absolutely a beast. I currently have a 5000 and Gold Monster in my arsenal. I am now considering a 7000! I was even using it without the harness and was still easy to swing.

  2. auminernv

    I have had my Minelab GPZ 7000 for a while now. I took a giant leap from the GP3500 to the GPZ 7000 and I’m glad I did. The GPZ is easy to learn and the results are awesome. For me… Using the Minelab harness along with a Hip-Stick make it seam like you’re hardly swinging anything…

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