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Nugget Finder 12″ Z Searchcoil for GPZ 7000

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Standard Features Include:

Super Sensitive DOD Configuration

No Adaptors or Modifications are required

Utilizes Litz Wire

Insulated Divinycell Core

ABS Plastic

Polycarbonate Shaft Mounts

Water Resistant to 1 Meter

Only 950-grams (without lower shaft)

Supplied with Genuine Minelab GPZ Lower Shaft

3-Year Warranty from Date of Purchase

4 reviews for Nugget Finder 12″ Z Searchcoil for GPZ 7000

  1. Rob Allison

    Hey Rob, got the coil yesterday and got out for a couple hours in the evening. Worked an area where I’ve found good gold and have worked to death with the stock coil and a gold monster. I like the Z search

  2. Rob Allison

    I purchased the 12 inch Nuggetfinder Z coil from Rob last week. I took the stock coil off and held the stock and Z coil in my arms held straight out. What a significant weight reduction on the new coil.

    I had a couple of hours free last Sunday. So I went up to a beaten patch of mine that I’ve found 100s of small nuggets in and a few bigger pieces. I found this nugget in 2 hours of looking. Not sure how I missed this with the stock coil, but I did. I had to have been over that spot dozens of times. Never heard anything there. But 1st pass with the Z coil it gave me a down low with a slight warble. About 10 inches down it popped out. I also have to say pinpointing is so much easier with this new coil. Reminded me of pinpointing with the NF coils on the gpx 5000. The weight difference and pinpointing are a major plus in my book. The 8.2 Pennywight darn near payed off the coil in 2 hours of detecting. I’ll be getting out this weekend for a full day of detecting and can give more information on new coil.

  3. Rob Allison

    Rob…cant say it found any smaller nuggets than my 7000 minelab coil. However….the lighter weight of the new coil is a definite PLUS for detecting with my new knee and having coil extended max length to keep from picking up metal knee. Much easier detecting today.
    Thanks Jeff Y.

  4. dmcgiffert

    I was one of the lucky early adopters in the US of the new Nugget Finder 12-inch coil for the GPZ 7000 .
    I have quite a few hours with the stock coil, I love it, it works well but as is often mentioned it’s a bit large for tight areas and, it’s heavy.
    Does an inch smaller coil make a difference? Yes.
    Is the coil noticeably lighter, yes – no question about it. It changes the balance of the detector in a subtle way that, in my opinion, makes a big difference. I am not a large person so any weight/balance difference is immediately noticeable, but anyone will see an immediate change.
    The coil is, and again this is my experience, more sensitive than the stock coil and has impressive depth. My first time using it I found this nugget at a measured 16 inches deep in mineralized soil. Would the stock coil have found it? Probably, but with the NF 12 there was no mistaking the signal, it was clear, mellow and “right sounding.”

    On smaller and very small gold it is – opinion again – more sensitive than the stock coil. I found two flakes that did not register on my scale that rounds to two decimals. They were obvious signals.

    The coil is not even remotely bump-sensitive.
    Would I recommend it to other 7000 owners?

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