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Nugget Finder 17×13″ Mono Evolution Searchcoil


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Nugget Finder 17×13 Elliptical Searchcoil Open Design or Solid are available (includes skidplate and mounting hardware)

This is Nugget Finder’s latest development.  It is a solid coil and is designed to outperform the standard Advantage coils of the same size.

Nugget Finder informs us that: Field testing indicates that this will be a very popular coil choice as it gives broad target coverage at depth and will match the 14″ Round on small targets.

Features: Foam Infused Spiral Winding, High Density Divinycell Foam Core, Fully Bonded and Tapered ABS Housing, Litz Wire, O Ring Sealed Cable, Waterproof to 1 metre, Polycarbonate Shaft Mount and 3 Year Warranty.

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1 review for Nugget Finder 17×13″ Mono Evolution Searchcoil

  1. Rob Allison

    Hey Rob and all……,

    Just got back after 4 hours of hitting a patch or two. What I was pleasantly surprised with was how lightweight it was, I expected it to be much heavier. I do like the tapered edge as it slides smooth on the surface and grasses coming up after the few rains we had. I did notice more ground noise in areas with heavy clay and medium mineralization. I dug a few fathom sounds which ended up just being the ground. In other areas without the clays it ran very smooth and no false signals. I hit a few targets that I missed with the other coils that I would contribute to the new Evo coil , seemed it just pulled that target out, I could have easily missed it if I were not listening but the target was giving a nice mellow deep signal on both left and right sweeps, after a few inches I was sure I was on a target and not ground noise. The signal was sharp and not so broad as heavy mineralized ground noise can be. I went to another location and worked the bank of a small creek and some higher benches right above it. The time was 12 o’clock noon and this is when I wanted to stop as its Thanksgiving, but…… lol I was not satisfied going home without some gold and new coil !! So as I was working the bank which by the way I scanned before in the past I got this nice solid hit left and right very clear, so I am thinking Crap another .22 cal know that sound I am sure. Well luckily it ended up being a nice 2.31 gram placer nugget. I am very happy with the coil, for me its the perfect size and really is not that heavy for everyday use. I think it handles the ground very well, I just need more time on it to dig more targets and gold to really have a better idea what it can do. This nugget I found today I more than likely would have gotten it with another coil if I got the coil over the target, but I got the Evo over it this time.


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