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Replacement 7000mah Li-Ion Battery (only)


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This is a replacement 7.4 volt 7000 mah Li-Ion battery for the “Coiltek Pocket Rocket” battery system or the new “Doc’s Goldstalker Power Pack” Li-Ion system.  These replacement batteries should last approx. 5-7 hours per battery if fully charged.  Replacement chargers are also available on our site, digital dual or single chargers.

*We can only warranty batteries for 30 days.  If you get a battery and it is working fine, (all batteries are tested before they are shipped) there is no reason why that battery should not give you years of service provided you take care of your battery.  That includes USING the battery.  Lithium Ion batteries like to be used, and recharged.  They do not like to be left laying around, with or without a charge.  If you store your battery, charge it and store it in a COOL place.  Don’t leave it in your hot car, or hot garage.  Never store a battery for more than 30 days without discharging it and recharging it.  A fully charged battery should put out a voltage of at least 8 volts.  A discharged battery should read around 7.2 volts.  Do NOT discharge your battery lower than 7.2 volts.

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