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SDC 2300 Adapter Headphone Lead

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SDC 2300 to 1/4 Jack

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SDC 2300 Adapter Headphone Lead for 1/4 Headphones

This new adapter lead features quality moulded connectors and has been tested to withstand the rigours of the goldfields.  However, ensure a long service life, it is recommended to mount the lead into a fixed state as shown in the instructions.

A small strip of Velco or double sided tape should be used between the 1/4 inch socket and the underside of the armrest to fix it in place.

Most headphones with 1/4 inch sockets will work, and as everyone’s hearing preferences are different it is likely that you already have your favorite pair.  However, if you are still deciding what to buy and wish to maximize your chances of hearing the smallest and deepest targets, there are a few basic specs to make note of.  Please note that different headphones have different frequency response curves, so the specs alone won’t tell you how they will sound.

The Impedance of the headphones is important, and historically headphones in the 60-150 Ohm range have worked well with most high-end gold detectors.  However, in testing a variety of headphones on the SDC2300, the Sensitivity of the headphone (measure in dB) is the most important specification, and the headphones in the 40-60 Ohm range with a high Sensitivity, > 104dB are proving to give very favorable results.

External Speakers:

The adapter also allows external speakers to be used; but a quality universal booster will also be required.  Contact us for more questions on using an aftermarket external speaker on the SDC 2300 with this adapter.

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    Works well for it’s intended use. Always functioned 100%

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